Krzysztof M±del from the Society of Jesus (SJ)
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c u r r i c u l u m   v i t a e

Name and Surname

Krzysztof M±del

Date & Place of Birth

September 5th, 1966, Tarnów, Poland

Address ul. Kopernika 26, 31-501 Kraków, Poland

Telephone +48 (12) 4293372

Religious Life 1985 -- Entered the Jesuit Order
1985-1987 -- Novitiate, Stara Wie¶.
1989-1991 -- Regency in the WAM Publishers, Cracow, and catechist in Bytom.
1996 -- Ordained a priest, Cracow.
2004-2005 -- Tertionship, Jastrzebia Góra.

Education and Academic Career 1987-89 -- Studied philosophy in the Faculty of Philosophy, Cracow
1991-95 -- Studied theology in the Pontifical Faculty of Theology, Warsaw
1995-97 -- Studied moral theology in the Faculty of Theology, Gregorian Univ., Rome
1997- -- Working on thesis: 'Principle of Justice in Polish Social Transformation 1989-1999', at the University School of Philosophy and Pedagogy, Cracow

Offices, Responsibilities and Academic & Teach-ing Duties in the Order 1997-1999 -- Spiritual father to jesuit seminarians, Jesuit College, Cracow. 1997-1999 -- Vicar-chaplain in the university clinics, Cracow
1999-2000 -- Chaplain in the College for Girls run by the Sisters of Divine Mother of Mercy, Cracow
2000-2002 -- Assistant in the Chair of Ethics in the University School of Philosophy and Pedagogy, Cracow
2005-2006 -- Director of the Center for Culture and Dialogue, Cracow

Academic Interests and Current Occupations Author of several books and papers (see: "Bibliography").
Member of the Institute of Civil Society, founded by Jerzy Buzek in 2004.
Member of the Miroslaw Dzielski's Center.
Member of the Obywatelski Komitet Edukacji Narodowej, that operated in the years 1999-2001.